Laser Jammers

Most people are familiar with radar detectors and their capabilities. However, laser detection poses a more significant threat to an uninterrupted driving experience. With the ability to target vehicles with pinpoint accuracy within a mile range, the ability of a police LIDAR gun leaves most traditional radar detectors helpless.

LIDAR (laser) is a focused beam of invisible light in the 904mn range shot at a vehicle to determine speed. Since the speed of light is a constant, the rate in which the laser gun pulses return to the source provides the gun an estimate of distance while calculating the speed of the vehicle with the highest accuracy levels.

The laser beam of a police LIDAR gun is so small that most radar detectors with laser detection capabilities never go off. Instantaneous readings thus leave your radar detector a ticket notifier more than a preventer. For dependable protection, you need a laser jammer. Controlled by the FDA, there is no federal law against jamming light. However, some states have laws against jamming police lasers. Laser jammers work by returning their own signal to confuse the police LIDAR gun.

As Radenso Platinum dealer, MTS Customs is proud to offer the best laser solution on the market, the Antilaser Priority Laser Defense Kit. Configured to any vehicle with custom install, ALP will jam the unjammable and keep your driving experience at the forefront of your ride.


  • Laser defense for all LIDAR guns including DragonEye
  • Complete integration with the Radenso RC M radar system
  • Automatic jamming time cutoff capability
  • Notification of laser alert
  • Waterproof sensors
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 1-year laser ticket free guarantee

For more information on how to obtain the industry-leading technology in laser jamming, contact MTS Customs today. Our team will listen, answer questions, and provide the best recommendations suited to your driving style and requirements.