4 Reasons to Get PPF This Summer

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We have methods to protect the engine and inner workings of our cars, but what about the exterior? The body of your car is also essential to keeping it in good condition.

How Does PPF Work?

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Window tinting is one way to protect the interior of your car, but what about the exterior? For that, there’s PPF. Here’s how it works.

Why Does Window Tint Turn Purple Over Time?

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Due to the exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the color can fade and change over time, no matter what type of window tint is installed. But it is possible to slow down the process!

Massachusetts Window Tinting FAQ

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  One of the most popular customizations for vehicles in Massachusetts is window tinting. Although many owners attempt this type of customization on their own, it’s not something we recommend. Each state has set regulations for acceptable tinting. In this article, we’re focusing on our hometown of Massachusetts and the guidelines to follow.   Darkness […]