The Advantages of a Remote Starter

POSTED ON October 21, 2018

The weather in New England is anything but pleasant. Sure we have our days of mild temperatures and sunny skies, but let’s be real. You never know when the season is going to change for a week and leave you confused. As fall fades into the colder weather of winter, you’re starting to feel the effects. Your jackets are getting thicker, your shoes are getting warmer, and your face is getting blasted with icy winds. Something as simple as starting your car becomes a trek in New England winters. Consider finding a remote starter installer near me to avoid cold morning drives.

remote starters in Massachusetts

In a Rush?

Finding a remote starter installer near me isn’t only going to help with cold mornings. It’s good for your car to warm up before you take it on the road. Some mornings don’t go as smoothly as planned. Whether you’ve overslept, forgot to set the alarm, or just aren’t feeling it, sometimes you have to hop in your car and go. A remote starter allows your engine to warm up while you get ready.

Cold Mornings

Rarely is there a winter morning in New England that doesn’t drop well below freezing. You look across your driveway and see the frost caked on your windshield. You know it’s going to be rough out there. If you don’t have a remote starter, you’ll have to run outside, put the key in the ignition, make sure you don’t lock the keys in the car, and then sprint back inside. With a remote starter, you can keep brushing your teeth while your car gets warm and toasty.

Start While You Shovel

Everybody knows that New England winters revolve around snow. You never truly know when the next Snowpocalypse is going to hit. When the snow is piled too high, you can’t reach your car. Once you’ve unburied the exhaust pipe, you’re good to start her up. A remote starter can let your vehicle get warm while you unbury the rest of the car so you can actually drive. Plus, the heat of the engine may melt some of the snow! Two birds, one stone!

Be smart about how you start your car this winter. Find a remote starter installer near me and stop running through the cold to start your engine. For more information on remote starters, contact MTS Customs at 978-251-1230 or visit them online.


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