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In 1979, a passion for high fidelity sound in the mobile environment led a group of technicians from different areas of the electronics industry, to design and build the tools which could produce the perfect sound.

As in a handmade lute workshop, the founders of Audison designed and selected the materials, experimented and listened to the results again and again: only their emotions let them recognize when the product was complete.

Today, like yesterday, Audison products are presented to the market only after they have fully met the requirements of their creators. We install Audison products with precision and the intent to appreciate their quality car audio devices.

Hertz’ philosophy is a unique combination of premium sound, living tradition, ingenious innovation and high quality, combined in a complete line of products for our customer’s maximum satisfaction.

From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz reflects a performance-oriented company, by philosophy and design. Hertz is a unit of frequency used to represent the number of cycles per second. The enthusiasm for music vibrates from the Hertz team shows the heart in their products. We have outstanding team of talented and passionate engineers who are committed to installing products meant to perform. Each new Hertz project starts from the fans’ and enthusiasts’ needs and is developed to connect them straight to the emotional power of music.


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