Are Radar Detectors Worth It in MA?

POSTED ON April 25, 2023

radar detectors

No one likes getting a speeding ticket, but sometimes we don’t drive as conscientiously as we should. If you need a reminder to slow down while driving, you may have considered getting a radar detector. But is it worth the money? To work that out, you need to do a little math and think about your driving habits. At MTS Customs, we can help you compare different radar detectors and find the best model so you can focus on driving and stop worrying about getting a ticket.


Here’s why we think radar detectors are worth the expense.


How Radar Detectors Work

The word radar is actually an acronym for “radio detection and ranging.” Basically, radar measures how far away an object is and how fast it’s moving. In this case, the object in question is your car. The radar guns law enforcement use release concentrated radio waves at moving vehicles on the road. A radar detector scans the area around your car for the frequencies radar guns use. If it detects a signal, it warns you that a radar gun is in use near you, so you can slow down before you approach the officer.


Are They Worth It?

Whether purchasing a radar detector is worth the cost depends on your driving habits. And we don’t just mean whether or not you tend to have a heavy foot on the gas pedal. Where you usually drive makes a difference, too. For example, you mainly do stop-and-go city driving, speeding isn’t really a concern. It’s unlikely that you’ll gain enough momentum to exceed the speed limit without noticing. However, if you do a lot of highway driving or typically drive on open roads, you have to pay closer attention to the speed limit. As you drive along at high speeds for an extended period of time, it becomes more likely that you will miss a speed limit sign. Having a radar detector to let you know if there’s a speed trap nearby is good for safer driving and avoiding speeding tickets.

The average fine for speeding and the cost of a radar detector are the other half of the equation. A good radar detector costs between $200 and $300. The minimum fine for speeding in MA is $50, but an additional fine often brings it to $100. Depending on how fast you’re going, the actual fine can be even higher. If you get a couple of speeding tickets per year, the cost of a radar detector is definitely worth it.

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