Why Does Cheap Window Tint Turn Purple?

POSTED ON June 21, 2018

window tinting in MAWe are sure you have seen it before, window tint that has turned purple. It looks awful and it may even make some people not want to tint their windows. Odds are the purple tint you saw was inexpensive dyed window tint. Dyed window tint is made up of Red, Yellow and Blue pigments. This type of tint works by blocking UV light with the pigments in the film. Over time UV light breaks down these pigments at different rates until your are left with very ugly purple tint. Yellow is the first color to start breaking down leaving red and blue dyes behind. As you would remember from grade school, red and blue make purple.

Now that you know the cause of the problem let’s discuss your options to prevent the dreaded purple tint.


Don’t Buy Cheap Dyed Film

First and foremost don’t buy cheap auto store tint.It’s typically in the aisle of accessories most people would not think of sticking to their vehicle. This tint is all of low quality becuase it is almost always dyed tint.


Look At Metalized Film

Another tint film option would be metalized tint film. Metalized tint film works on the principle of reflecting light and heat away from your interior. This type of tint works very well but it does have a  slightly reflective surface. Some states do not allow reflective tint on automobiles so make sure to check local laws before applying this type of window film.


Carbon Film

The next step up in window film would be carbon tint. Carbon window film will not only keep your interior cooler, prevent interior fading but it will also look great for year!


Ceramic Film

One of newest technologies availible in window film of ceramic based tints. Cermanic film dramaticly cuts down infrared heat and also UV light.


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