Choosing the Best Car Audio System

POSTED ON April 25, 2019

car audio MAIn today’s world the consumer is presented with an abundance of choices when it comes to after-market audio enhancement.  Thus, deciding on which system is best for your needs becomes a personal preference.  When it comes to true high-definition, the professionals at MTS Customs have selected their favorites.  Providing solutions for car audio in MA, MTS Customs can take your car audio to the next level.


With over thirty years of producing the finest mobile electronics for car audio in the world, Audison brings sound reproduction to the next level.  In a world where emotion and technology embrace, Audison has developed solutions drawn from their love of music and an inner need to challenge existing standards.  Unwaveringly dedicated to the research of perfection in sound reproduction in vehicles, Audison pioneers innovations.  They settle for nothing less than excellence in every product brought to life.

Audison boasts a history of pioneering landmark innovations in audio reproduction.  Always continuing to push the technological boundaries and securing dozen of patents in the process.  Unveiling a new frontier in high-fidelity sound reproduction, Audison allows the wildest dreams to come true.


Hertz, the unit of frequency, the number of cycles per second.  From the brand’s name to the product characteristics, everything at Hertz car audio reflects that they are a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design.  Providing a complete product range to experience the thrill of high-quality sound, in any situation.  Hertz believes in delivering complete solutions to their customers’ needs with products that perfectly work together.

The constant evolution of know-how enriches the most precious human resource: experience.  Hertz’s in-depth knowledge of acoustics inside car compartment, design requirements, and production processes keep their products at absolute excellence.  Always.  Using the most advanced testing instruments to analyze every component with a computerized control process, guarantees transparency and professionalism.


If you are looking to enhance your car audio in MA, contact MTS Customs.  Their team of trained professionals will provide you with custom after-market solutions meeting all of your needs.  Contact MTS Customs today at (978) 251-1230 to schedule your appointment and start your summer off right.


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