Could Your Vehicle Use An Upgrade: MA Remote Starters

POSTED ON December 25, 2020

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When it comes to needs and wants, remote starters in MA are definitely a need. However, like anything else, the remote starter industry is constantly in motion and evolving in technology. Because of this, your current starter may be outdated and not offer the features that many newer models provide. While installation, not upgrading, is generally the focus, we’re giving you a few reasons to consider upgrading your current system.


Transmitter notification

Have you ever started your vehicle via remote starter only to find out the ignition never started? If so, you know what a bummer this situation proves to be! Often, you’re left short on time and arriving late to your destination. Your vehicle is cold, covered in ice, and you may not be prepared to deal with elements – a situation we could all do without.

With the latest technologies in transmitter notification, you can leave this scenario in the past. With the push of a button, your transponder will notify you via light or sound that the ignition started with success.


 You decide how long the remote runs

In past days, vehicle owners were at the mercy of the remote in regards to time. Once the button was pushed, a set amount of time was allotted before the ignition switched off. Generally, ample time was programmed into these systems. However, life happens. When the unexpected happens, walking out to a car that has turned off and iced back over is, again, a bummer.

However, this situation can again be a thing of the past. With the power of selectable run times, you choose how long you need your remote starter to run. Mind-blowing, we agree.


Automatic start times

Another significant upgrade from older remote starters to the newest technologies is the option of programable starting. Beyond selecting your run times, you can now program your starter to run at a specific time. While eliminating the need to push a button may seem unnecessary, we promise you’ll be thankful for this feature the day you’re running behind and forget to start your car!


At MTS Customs, we offer several models of MA remote starters, each with a different features set. All remote starters are installed with the best care for ultimate reliability. Wrapped with Tesa Tape for an OEM look, as well as soldered to ensure all connections are permanent, you can have peace of mind that your remote starter won’t fail.

To schedule your installation, or for more information on the extensive line of remote starters our MA shop offers, contact MTS Customs today by calling (978) 251-1230.


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