Custom Vehicle Trends for Each Season

POSTED ON September 21, 2016

Customizing your vehicle can be a fun and exciting challenge. Plenty of types of customization can improve performance, as well as enhancing your vehicle’s appearance. It is truly a hobby that is always exciting and fun year-round. If you live in an area where the seasons change, you can find different ways to exercise your potential and indulge in your hobbies. Vehicle customization is no exception. Below, see what hot custom trends you can utilize for each season!

This is a time of year where there are plenty of signs of new life. Plants are growing, birds are singing, and it all feels great after a harsh winter! This is also a time of renewed, bright sunshine. While it may help Mother Earth, the sun can be quite damaging to your vision, especially while driving. MTS Customs offers excellent window tinting services to help you drive more safely and keep bright rays out of your line of vision. This will also negate the sun’s negative effects on skin, and will prevent interior damage.

Much like spring, this is a season that has plenty of sunshine and life. Tinting is a wonderful option for this time of year as well, and will also work well for one of summer’s biggest side effects: hot temperatures. Tinting is especially effective during the summer, since it combats hot temperatures and keeps your vehicle at a neutral and more comfortable climate – which will be very relieving and pleasant for any driving experience.

Summer can bring plenty of allergens to the surface, and it’s always a relief for allergy sufferers when fall’s cool temperatures arrive. Still, allergens can also leave another mark: pollen and other signs of exposure. A fresh detailing job will get rid of the pollen and make your vehicle look like it just came from the lot!

When winter comes around, so do chilling and harsh temperatures. This is part of what makes winter very hard to deal with, and is something many like to escape when possible. However, we still have to be prepared for these cold temperatures. Remote starters are a great custom vehicle investment that can get the job done. With this device, you will be able to start your car from a distance. From that distance, the vehicle can be warmed as it runs and gets the engine going. This will certainly help make the temperature more bearable, and you can quickly escape the harsh conditions and make way to your warm car with such an easy start up.


Car customization is a hobby and practice that has plenty of use for any type of season. Be sure to look into your vehicle’s needs, and get yourself ready for the changing seasons! For quality custom automotive solutions, you can rely on MTS Customs. Give them a call at (978) 251-1230!


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