How Laser Jammers in Massachusetts Work

POSTED ON May 25, 2021

laser jammers in massachusetts


Have you ever wondered how a police laser gun works? Most police officers use a Light Detection and Ranging laser, also known as LIDAR. They are incredibly accurate when it comes to monitoring and quickly calculating traffic speeds. The laser’s light travels so fast that many people cannot slow down in time to avoid them! Now, one way to preserve your uninterrupted driving experience is through laser jammers in Massachusetts. Here at MTS Customs, we are a Radenso Platnium dealer and offer only the best laser jamming solution on the market. Here’s how they work.


Laser Jammers 


A regular radar detector can be unreliable and only gives you detection that the police have already seen your speed. You don’t want a radar there just to let you know that you’re getting a ticket, especially if your goal is to prevent them! A laser jammers main goal is to essentially blind the police LIDAR and send back a faulty speed reading. Then, this gives you time to slow down and avoid detection. Radar jammers are illegal in all 50 states, but laser jammers or scramblers are not. States individually regulate them. The states where laser jammers are unlawful are California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington D.C.


Radenso Laser Jammers


A Radenso laser jammer features defense against all types of LIDAR and DragonEye guns. Even better, so the jammer itself is not detected, the Radenso technology can be set to have jamming time cut-offs. It is considered “poor jamming etiquette” to jam the police radar as you drive continuously. The most recommended way to approach laser jamming is by receiving the laser alert, setting a defined few seconds for you to slow down, and then having the jammer automatically turn off after. Therefore, you can continue to drive without any hassle peacefully. With the automatic disable mode on a Radenso laser jammer, you don’t even need to remove your hands from the steering wheel!


MTS Customs for Laser Jammers in Massachusetts


Here at MTS Customs, we can custom configure your vehicle with any installation. Radenso laser jammers in Massachusetts will jam the unjammable and keep the driving experience at the forefront of your ride. Our team will listen and provide the best recommendations suited to your driving style and requirements. For more information on obtaining the industry-leading technology in laser jamming, contact MTS Customs today at (978) 251-1230.



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