Is It Worth Getting Window Tinting in the Winter?

POSTED ON November 25, 2022

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When we think of the best time to add tint to your car windows, we usually think of summer. The glare and heat from the sun are mitigated by the tinted windows, and it makes driving more comfortable and protects the interior of your car. But there are plenty of reasons why getting window tinting is a good idea in the winter, too. At MTS Customs, we customize your car so that you can have the ride you want year-round.

Window tinting in the winter makes driving safer and more comfortable. Here’s why.


Reduce the glare.

Bright sunlight isn’t something you only have to worry about in the summer. Actually, it can be worse in the winter because of the snow. In the summer, you have bright sunlight coming into your car throughout most of the day. While the sun doesn’t feel as strong in the winter, it does have another surface to reflect off: the snow. When the ground is covered with snow, especially freshly-fallen snow, the sun reflects off the bright white surface and right into your eyes. Window tinting cuts down on that glare and improves your visibility to make winter driving safer.


Keep the heat inside.

You might not think of it, but the film that is applied to tint the windows actually provides another layer of insulation. The film doesn’t allow as much heat to escape through the windows. This means that your car will heat up faster and stay warmer longer. Your car probably still won’t be toasty warm when you get back in after running some errands, but it won’t be freezing, either.


Protect the interior.

Just because we don’t talk about them as much, UV rays don’t go away in the winter. UV rays from the sun are still beating down and can cause the fabrics inside your car to deteriorate and fade. Window tinting keeps the inside of your car looking new for longer.


Window Tinting from MTS Customs

If you’ve been thinking about getting window tinting for your car, there’s no need to wait for the spring. Get it done now and experience the benefits now. It also makes a great holiday gift for those difficult-to-buy-for family members!


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