Laser Jammers vs. Radar Detectors

POSTED ON April 25, 2022

laser jammers

It’s happened to all of us, you’re driving along, having a good time, not paying any attention to your speed. And then you see the flashing lights behind you. You know you’re going to get a ticket. But what if you could know that there’s a cop nearby so you know to slow down? Well, you’re in luck, MTS Customs has the solution: laser jammers. After doing a little research, you’ll find out that laser jammers need to be professionally installed while radar detectors are easy to DIY.

Here’s an explanation of the difference between the two devices and why laser jammers are more effective.


Radar Detectors: Too Little Too Late

Twenty years ago, radar detectors were a useful tool for drivers who tend to push the speed limit. I remember my dad had one on his dashboard in the 90s. Although a few states made them illegal in recent years, that is not why they largely fell out of use. Radar detectors became less effective tools for spotting speed traps as the tools police officers use to measure drivers’ speeds caught up with them. Now, instead of using radar guns, they use light detection and ranging, or LIDAR. Radar detectors can still detect LIDAR, but not until they get close enough for the cop to also measure your speed. That’s why drivers sometimes call the laser detection feature on radar detectors “the ticket notifier.” It’ll tell you when you’re about to get a ticket, but not much else.


Laser Jammers: Stay Ahead of LIDAR

Technology is a race to see who can outsmart each other the fastest. The response to LIDAR is the laser jammer (not to be confused with the radar jammer, which is illegal in all 50 states). LIDAR that police officers use is a narrow laser beam that gives an accurate read of the speed at which a vehicle is traveling. Laser jammers are a series of several small sensors at the front of your vehicle that detect when a laser beam is targeting your vehicle. The sensors “return fire” and confuse the LIDAR so that it cannot get an accurate speed reading.

Laser Jammers Installed by MTS Customs

If you are considering having a laser jammer installed in your vehicle, come to MTS Customs. We install top-of-the-line laser jammers, and we’ll even set the jamming interval to abide by the understood jamming etiquette. Constant jamming is considered rude; it’s customary to set the jammer to shut off automatically after five or six seconds. But if you’re a driver with lead foot laser jammers can be a lifesaver.


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