Massachusetts Legal Tint Guidelines and Benefits

POSTED ON June 25, 2019

massachusetts legal tintLiving in New England, your vehicle is subject to many harsh weather elements.  From the icy winter months to the hot, hazy summer days, there’s always something to keep drivers on their toes.  However, window tinting can provide many benefits to your vehicle regardless of the season.



Temperature Control 

Window tinting can help to reduce the temperature of your car on hot summer days.  How is this a benefit? First, you can save yourself the painful experience of direct skin to hot leather contact.  Unfortunately, many of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If your vehicle is host to a darker leather interior, and you’re wearing shorts, getting into the car can be a less than pleasant experience.  Unwanted burns can easily be avoided with proper shading techniques.


Interior Protection

Second, by tinting your vehicle’s windows, you can extend the longevity of its interior.  Often, when cars are left exposed to the hot rays of the summer sun, damage can occur to the interior.  For instance, consider your dashboard.  The dashboard is the most exposed element of a vehicle’s interior.  Although many states do not allow drivers to tint their front windshields, Massachusetts legal tint guidelines allows a non-reflective tint on the top six inches of your windshield.  Thus, you can reduce the possibility of plastic elements cracking, or leather elements drying due to harmful UV ray exposure.


Glass Protection

Third, and most unknown, window tinting can provide a layer of protection to your glass.  Often, in New England, we encounter flying rocks.  Although this may seem silly, as rocks don’t have wings, they do really fly in the area.  From winter roads covered in sand and salt, to spring and fall road construction, dirt roads, and highway debris; our rocks fly.  And they love to find our windshields.  The thin layer that is applied over your window during tinting, although not a barrier, does add a bit more resistance to objects ricocheting from the road.


Lastly, and most apparent, tinting your vehicle will provide privacy.  With Massachusetts legal tint guidelines stating that your tint must allow up to 35% of light in, that means you can block out 65%.  Thus, not only are you and your passengers given identity privacy, but so are your personal belongings.  Window tinting can deter auto theft from occurring because it makes your belongings less visible to the roaming eye.  Car thieves are not going to stop and take the time to look through your tint to see what may be in your car.  Instead, they’ll focus on the car next to you that has no window tinting.


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