Holiday Shopping Made Easy With MA Mobile Electronics From MTS

POSTED ON November 20, 2021

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The holiday season is upon us and, as one of the most stressful times of the year, our team at MTS Customs is here to keep things simple. With the largest selection of mobile electronics in MA, we have the perfect gift for every driver. Here’s a closer look.



In 1979, a passion for high-fidelity sound in the mobile environment led a group of technicians from different areas of the electronics industry to design and build the tools that could produce the ultimate in sound. Since, audio enthusiasts have been provided the ultimate listening experience as engineers continue to push boundaries. 

If this sounds familiar and you have the audio enthusiast on your holiday shopping list, why not give the gift of sound? Even if you think they have the ultimate in sound solutions, it’s important to remember that lines are continuously crossed and technologies advancing. You never know what they’ll come out with next.



Remote Starters

Living in New England, there is no better gift than the gift of warmth come the winter season. No matter the make or model, our experts at MTS Customs have the most cutting-edge solutions in remote starter technologies. Not sure what your loved one requires? Please don’t fret, a gift certificate is a perfect solution that allows our team to personalize precisely what starter will work best for the needs at hand!



Radar Detection

One of the best elements of driving is the experience. Pedal to the metal, as the saying goes. However, with speed comes the risk of blue lights, costly tickets, higher insurance, and potential loss of driving privileges. Who needs that headache? No one. Instead, consider the gift of freedom with the ultimate selection of radar detection systems at MTS Customs!


Laser Jammers

As a step up from traditional radar detection, LIDAR (or laser) jammers provide the highest detection levels. With the Radenso Antilaser priority laser defense kit configured to any vehicle with custom install, ALP jams the unjammable to keep your driving experience at the forefront of any journey.


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Don’t stress out about the holiday shopping list this year. Instead, visit MTS Customs for the ultimate selection of mobile electronics in MA that are sure to bring smiles to the table. Want to learn more? Feel free to stop in or give our team a call at (978) 251-1230.


MTS Customs is located at 7 Princeton Street in North Chelmsford, MA. We look forward to making your holiday shopping a breeze.


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