Now is the Best Time for Remote Starter Installation

POSTED ON July 25, 2020

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Although the days are long and the weather is hot, now is the best time to consider MA remote starters. Yes, you read that correctly. Often associated with the harsh elements of winter, spring and summer in New England are two of the slowest seasons for starter installation. Which works in your favor.  Here’s why –



Beat the rush

As we said, you’re probably not thinking about installing remote starters in MA during August. But you should be. Once the cold air makes its way into New England, the influx of appointment requests will spike. Once the spike happens, you’ll be lucky to grab an installation appointment within two weeks.

Stay ahead of the chaos and schedule your installation during the season, where people aren’t thinking about snow and ice.



Remote starters in MA aren’t just for the winter months

Yes, we said the s word – snow. Whether you’re a winter lover or sunshine fanatic, the snow will come. Often, people associate winter with the need for a remote car starter. However, remote starters aren’t just for the cold months! Nope, they sure are not, and especially not this year.

With some of the hottest, most humid stretches of summer days, having a remote starter would pay off this summer. Instead of burning your legs on hot leather seats, or gasping through thick hot air, get ahead of the game by cooling down your car. As much as we love being warm in the winter, staying cool in the summer is just as beneficial.



You may save money

Often, professionals of remote starters in MA have a lull during the spring and summer months. This is the perfect time for these companies to market their service and offer special deals on installation. Be sure to out your local installation companies and watch for budget-friendly options!



At MTS Customs, we offer an array of starters perfect for any vehicle and any budget. Don’t wait until the cold air settles in, get ahead of the game and contact our team today.

For more information on scheduling your MA remote starters installs, contact us at (978) 251-1230.


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