Radar Detectors

One of the best elements of driving is the experience. Pedal to the metal as the saying goes. However, with speed comes the risk of blue lights, costly tickets, higher insurance, and potential loss of driving privileges. Who needs that headache?

The good news is that with a budget-friendly investment into a superior radar detection system like those from Radenso, you can avoid the unnecessary headaches of enjoying your vehicle to its fullest potential. Radar works by sending microwave frequencies at moving objects in several bands known as X, K, and Ka, which are controlled by FCC. The signal returns to the source, and the shift in frequency provides an accurate speed.

Radar is the most commonly used measurement of speed by police. Providing efficient results in both moving or parked environments, radar can also be used in constant-on or instant-on methods. However, police radars do have limitations. The radar cone is wide, leaving the officer the task of visually verifying and identifying the fastest vehicle.

As a Radenso Radar Detector Platinum Dealer, MTS Customs has the solution you’ve been searching for. No matter what your driving style is and which features are essential, Radenso has a crafted lineup to meet the needs of every driver.

  • Radenso Guarantee
  • 1-year ticket free guarantee
  • Extreme detection range
  • A lifetime of free upgrades
  • Industry-leading false alert filtering
  • 30-day money back guarantee from Radenso.com

Radenso offers both windshield mounted and installed options. Which radar detector is best for you depends on your driving requirements and budget. If you’re looking for a radar detector with incredible performance and the best false-alert filtering in the industry, contact our team at MTS Customs today.

We’re here to listen and make the best recommendations to ensure your focus is on the driving experience, not the boys in blue.