Invest in Remote Starters Early This Fall

POSTED ON September 25, 2021

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Is it time to beat the winter rush and invest in your new remote starter early this season? If you’re tired of getting into a cold car in the fall and winter, this could be the perfect present for yourself or a family member. It’s time to stop searching for a “remote starter installer near me” and go ahead and call MTS Customers! Remote starters are the best way to stop dreading your morning commute to work. So let’s change that! Here at  MTS Customs, we install all of our products with the utmost care and quality, so they’ll last a lifetime.


Make Life Easier. 


First things first, remote starts with MA weather can only make your life easier. You could get a head start on clearing your car after a snowstorm or warm up your seat if it was a cold night. Depending on the model you invest in, it can turn your car on and off and more. For example, some models allow you to choose start times so you’ll never have to forget!


Even though remote starters in New England are used for cold weather purposes, they can also help in the heat. Turn the air conditioning on early to keep yourself from overheating after work or grocery shopping! Plus, there are many different types of remote starters for every budget. Work with MTS Customs to find an option that works for you and your vehicle!


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Need More Reasons?

Are you still debating and grumbling about whether aftermarket remote starters are worth it? Most OEM starters don’t have a far range when it comes to their signal reach. Therefore, you could be stuck with a starter that doesn’t work at your office or from your front door. Typically, a remote starter signal range is about 30 feet maximum. We have options that can reach up to 1,200 feet! No matter where you are, you can comfortably start your vehicle before going on your merry way.


MTS Custom’s is the Remote Starter Installer Near You


Stop searching for “remote starter installer near me” and stop by MTS Customs! We have the largest selection of remote starters in Massachusetts. For more information or to schedule your installation, give us a call at (978) 251-1230.



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