What is A High Fidelity System?

POSTED ON May 25, 2020



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As a premier car audio shop in Massachusetts, our team at MTS Customs appreciates a good sound system when we hear one. Perhaps this appreciation is what leads us towards high fidelity systems. Designed to recreate audio exactly as one would experience it in the recording studio, high fidelity (hi-fi) sound depends on quality equipment. However, with the right pieces, if you were to stand blindfolded in the middle of a room, one wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a live musician or a prerecorded version playing through hi-fi.



The origins of hi-fi

An appreciation of good sound isn’t a new concept. In fact, the hi-fi sound system dates back to the 1950s. Of course, the system then is no comparison to the technologies we have today, but it sure was the beginning of something beautiful. In a world where AM radio frequency was common, the idea of hi-fi was often thought of as an expensive marketing scheme geared at consumers.

With continuous improvements underway, audio fanatics experienced the period referred to as the “Golden Age of Hi-Fi.” The technology approved during this time in a manner that tube equipment was forever replaced.


But wait, there’s more

Beyond the unsurpassed, exceptional sound quality you can expect, consumers of hi-fi audio systems have another advantage also. Unlike other audio options available on the market, hi-fi allows listeners to build their system exactly as they want. As exciting as this feature is, it can also be overwhelming to come head to head with a variety of choices. For example, consider audison for the moment. This company alone provides listeners with over fifteen amplifiers to select from; never mind the various speakers, subs, cables, and other components.

When it doubt, contact our team at MTS Customs for reliable, honest, professional advice on which system will best suit your preference.



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