Why Everyone Should Consider Remote Starters in MA

POSTED ON January 25, 2022


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This time of the year can be brutally cold and there is nothing worse than shivering on your way to work while your car heats up. Luckily, there is a simple way to give you the warmth you so desperately crave. At MTS Customs we offer several MA remote starters, each with different capabilities. In case you aren’t quite convinced yet, here are just a few reasons that everyone should get a remote starter.


A Cozy Car

Arguably the most powerful reason is comfort. Living in New England, while a blessing most of the year, comes with the frigid cold of winter. Instead of starting your day by getting into a chilly car, have a warm vehicle waiting for you. With one of MTS Custom’s remote starters, all you have to do is point your remote starter out the window before leaving your home. Your vehicle will warm up in no time. 


Warms Your Engine 

Commonly unknown, cold temperatures make it more difficult for the engine of your car to run. This is due to the consistency of the oil. In colder weather the oil in your car becomes thicker, making it more difficult to run through the engine. However, with a remote starter, your engine and oil have a chance to warm up prior to your commute. 


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Save Time Defrosting 

Oftentimes people forget to allot time for clearing the snow off their vehicle. We all know the frantic battle of trying to scrape ice off a cold vehicle so we won’t be late to work. However, with a remote starter, your vehicle will be warm enough to have already begun to melt the ice on your car. This not only saves you time defrosting your vehicle but allows you for a safer drive since you can remove the ice more effectively.


MA Remote Starters at MTS Customs

Choose convenience and practicality this winter by considering one of MTS Customs MA remote starters. Installed with the best care by our team of professionals, our remote starters are the solution you have been looking for. Here at MTS Customs, we back each of our remote starters with a lifetime warranty for additional peace of mind. So if you are ready to escape the winters in MA, remote starters from MTS Customers are for you. 


For more information about our MA remote starters visit us at 7 Princeton Street in North Chelmsford, MA. 


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