Why Does Window Tint Turn Purple Over Time?

POSTED ON July 25, 2021

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Have you noticed that your window tinting in MA is starting to turn purple? While it can be slowed, the color changing process is almost inevitable. Why? Due to the exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the color can fade and change over time, no matter what type of window tint is installed. But it is possible to slow down the process! Here at MTS Customs, we can help you choose and install the best window tint on your vehicle right here in Massachusetts!


So, why does it turn purple?


With lower-quality window tinting in MA, the colors can fade over time and leave you with a purple-colored car. The cheapest window tint available on the market is dyed film. Most car owners with dyed film tinting will find that the color will quickly change over time.


The purple color is left behind because of how the colors are mixed! Manufacturers use a combination of yellow, red, and blue dyes to create the dark tint color. When it’s exposed to the harsh sun UV rays, the yellow coloring fades first. What two colors make purple? Blue and red! So, once the yellow is gone, all you have left is the purple color from the blue and red dyes.


How can I prevent this?


It’s almost impossible to prevent some level of fading over time. But you can make your window tint last for a long time with high-quality products and installation services! To avoid the fading process, many manufacturers include a UV absorber in the film.


The UV absorbing film is an adhesive layer that helps the original color last longer. The film will absorb the UV rays and dissipate them as heat, preventing quick fading. If you choose a high-quality product, the longer it will take for your window tint to fade and turn purple.


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Why choose window tinting in MA?


There are plenty of reasons to choose high-quality window tinting in MA. First off, it will help block out the bright sun, which keeps the interior of your vehicle cooler. Furthermore, if you have a plush, leather interior, the UV protection film will protect it from fading or damage due to heat.


Here at MTS Customs, we use Aegis Automotive Films. You’ll be driving in comfort and style with us! For more information on obtaining industry-leading window tinting in MA, contact us today at (978) 251-1230.



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