Your Guide to Buying a New Car Audio System

POSTED ON July 25, 2022

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For many drivers who are also music lovers, the audio system that came with your car just isn’t cutting it. That will lead you to search for a “car audio shop near me,” which will lead you to us, MTS Customs. We stock and install high-quality amps and speakers from Audison and Hertz so that you get the best audio experience while you drive. But not every system is ideal for every car and driver.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the best new car audio system for you.


Smart Phone Integration

Most of us play our music through our phones, so you want to ensure your new audio system can communicate and work with your phone. Systems that are compatible with iPhones usually have a “Made with iPhone” badge or sticker to let users know that they work with iOS. If you have Android, there is no such marker to look for, but checking out the online reviews and looking at the connectors should let you know if it works with your phone.


Physical Controls

As cool as touchscreen displays are, they don’t always work as well as you hope. Also, you can’t underestimate the ease of reaching for simple physical controls while you’re doing 70-plus mph down the highway. Complicated or unresponsive controls can be frustrating, distracting, and dangerous if you’re trying to figure them out while you’re driving. That’s true if you’re on the highway or just driving around town.



To have a great sound system, you need good speakers and an amplifier with enough power to put out good sound with consistent use. The power of an amp is measured in peak power and RMS. Peak power is measured in watts. That number is the maximum power that the amp can produce. The RMS power rating is slightly different. It is the amount of power the amp can produce with regular use. The power rating will also tell you the number of channels the amp can output to.


MTS Customs Is the “Car Audio Shop Near Me” You Are Looking For

If you want to upgrade your car’s audio system, you need to come to MTS Customs. Our team will help you select the best system for you and install it in your car. We also install remote starters and radar detectors.


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