Everything You Need To Know About AL (AntiLaser) Priority

POSTED ON May 25, 2022

antilaser priority

At MTS Customs, we provide a variety of custom car upgrades, including window tinting and AL (AntiLaser) Priority. For those looking to enjoy the summer drive with the extra protection, AL Priority may be the right option for you. The professionals at MTS Customs can provide you with the perfect solution for all your custom car needs, including AL Priority! Keep reading to learn the full specs of AL Priority and why this technology can benefit your daily driving experience. 

The History

AL Priority is the best laser product on the market to-date. This is because of its long evolution, which has helped yield a versatile product that is small in size but surpasses most in its laser sensitivity. To begin with, the AL line was produced as a parking sensor, and it is primarily used to provide safety for drivers worldwide. It is considered the only sensor system powerful enough to jam all police scanning systems.

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The Specs

Today, most lasers are entirely customizable! The AL Priority system allows you to use the basic dual jammer system and a five-laser sensor system for 360-degree protection on larger vehicles. The advanced program code will still attempt to maintain perfect functioning if interfered with by another laser source. In the case of potential interference, the AL Priority system will reset within seconds. 

Some specs include: 

  • AL Priority is the smallest sensor in its class, yet it is incredibly resistant to engine noise and laser interference.
  • Because of its “4x detector diode design, the AL Priority provides more protection per sensor, with wide-angle coverage (up to ±15°H ±15°V).”
  • Due to it’s patented technology, AL Priority is more effective than any other product.

Install AntiLaser Priority – MTS Customs

If you’re thinking of installing AL Priority to your vehicle, the pros at MTS Customs can help! 

Did you know? Most states do no regulate police laser jamming. Along with laser jamming systems, we also install sound systems and provide window tinting treatments! 

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