Protect Your Car from Winter Grime with PPF

POSTED ON October 25, 2023

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In the winter, we think about how driving in the snow and on icy roads will affect the way we drive. The cold can also affect parts of your engine, forcing us to keep a closer eye on our maintenance needs. But winter conditions also affect the exterior of your car. Salt, sand, and ice melt chemicals kick up from the road as you drive and stick to your car. Those substances then react with the surface of your car and can cause rust and corrosion. Luckily, there’s a simple way to protect your car from winter grime: PFF. Paint protective film, similar to window tinting, is a protective coating that goes over your car to preserve it from the elements.


Let’s take a look at four ways PPF can keep your car in great shape this winter.


Protect from Road Salt

The most effective method we currently have to melt ice and snow on the road is to use salt. Although it does make the road safer, road salt is corrosive, so it can damage your car’s paint and lead to rust and deterioration. PFF creates a barrier that protects your paint job and shields the surface of your car from corrosive substances.


Easily Clear Ice and Snow

If you have seen a car with PPF, you will have noticed that it is shinier than just the car’s paint job. This is because PPF provides a slick surface that prevents snow and ice from adhering strongly to your car. It’s easy to brush the ice and snow off your car without having to work too hard scraping or breaking up the ice.


Impact Resistance

There is always the risk that something will fly up and hit your car, such as gravel or road debris. In the winter, there is also ice to contend with. If something hits your car and chips or cracks the paint, it exposes the body of your car to the elements, creating the conditions for rust and corrosion. PPF absorbs the impact and protects the paint underneath. It also has self-healing properties, which means that it can “heal” minor scratches and nicks when exposed to heat, such as the sun’s rays or warm water.


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