Things to Know Before Buying Radar Detectors

POSTED ON June 25, 2021

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The last thing any driver wants to see is flashing lights behind them when they’re late for an appointment. That is to say, most people try to avoid getting a speeding ticket. Rather than rely on spotting a police officer before they catch your speed, there are radar detectors out there to help. But before you stop by MTS Customs to set up your new car accessory, here are a few things to know before buying radar detectors.


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What are radar detectors?


The first radar speed gun was developed by two men during World War II. Its original purpose was to solve an issue regarding landing gear on an aircraft! They used soldered coffee cans to make a microwave resonator to measure the sink rate of the aircraft they were testing. After the war, by 1950, state police were using speed detector radars to issue tickets.


So, let’s get into radar detectors. Their main job is to identify signals coming from police speed detectors. They are tuned to the police radar frequencies, and when the signals are detected, emit a warning signal.


Are they illegal?


Generally, the use of radar and laser detectors is legal in the United States. But, the laws do vary from state to state. But for most states, yes, private vehicles are allowed to have radar detectors. Some states ban the use of radars because they believe it encourages speeding and dangerous driving. Furthermore, some argue that drivers are more likely to follow speed limits in areas where radar detectors are banned or illegal.


Radar detectors versus jammers


It’s a common mistake to mix up radar and jammers. But, they in fact are different devices for different purposes! Unlike a radar detector, a radar jammer disables the signal from a police speed detector. While radar jammers are illegal, laser light jammers are not. We carry both radar and laser jammers here at MTS Customs!


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